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Asa Branca - Amazon Rainforest e Caribeen Breezes

Reapresentação Clube breezes ASA BRANCA
Hostess, Daisy Heron
welcomed to Caribbean Breezes
01 - The first act is Lampião and Maria Bonita, which tells the story of the famous couple who lived in the northeast backwoods in the ‘20s and ‘30s.
02 - The second act is Refugees (Retirantes), and shows the sad reality of those who live in the north-eastern back-lands and must leave their homeland because of water shortages and misery.
03 - The third act is the Cordel, popular literature of the northeast, where booklets and leaflets are hung from ropes to be sold
04 - The fourth act is the Forró, a typical Northeast dance beat.
05 - The fifth act, The Dolls, are an allusion to the carnival event in Recife (Pernambuco).
This concluded the show, with the entire cast coming out and taking a bow. They applauded for the audience and invited everyone to stay for an after party. This was a really fun show and educational
Director: Mcpol Kamachi
Adreano Constantine
Ariranha Brazil José Machado
Carlinharj Carla Carlinha
Cullum Writer
Diego Rainey (diegoncius)
Doll Al-Azhaar (dolores.manimbo) Dolores Manimbo
Esperantisto Allen Eduardo David de Souza
Marla Arida Allen (marla.arida) Marla Arida
Mcpol Macpol Kamachi Chuwen
Neiva Adored Avedon Neiva Cardoso Avedon
Suhh Winterwolf
Sunset Quinnell
Showtime Magazine
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